The PhD project focuses on the functionality of the regulation governing Swedish aquaculture
Photo: Johan Wingborg, Anna-Lena Lundqvist

Management of sustainable industries - a study on the governance of the Swedish aquaculture industry

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2017 - 2022
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My project is to write a doctoral thesis within the subject of public law. The dissertation focuses on Swedish aquaculture and the opportunities and challenges the industry faces. The design of Swedish regulation has been identified as a cause of the industry's lack of development. At the same time, aspects of aquaculture are problematic or risky, which is why it is necessary to establish governance that contributes to the sustainable development of aquaculture.

The overall purpose of the dissertation is to investigate the functionality of the regulation governing Swedish aquaculture from an operational perspective. In addition to examining the regulation as such, examination of the regulatory functionality also refers to the influence of public actors on the regulation's function. Aquaculture includes all forms of cultivation of organisms in water. However, the dissertation is limited to issues related to fish farming for human consumption.