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2023 - ongoing
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Göteborgs universitet and Region Västra Götaland

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Lina Bergman group conducts translational and clinical research in preeclampsia, focusing on prediction, new treatments and maternal end organ complications on short- and longterm. Please see more information on the external webpage of our international research group and collaborators with separate links to other research groups and societies in preeclampsia research.

Preeclampsia - a pregnancy induced disorder

My research group focuses on preeclampsia, a pregnancy induced disorder. As research leader, I am an obstetrician and associate professor within the field of obstetrics but in particular in preeclampsia and maternal organ complications, focusing on the maternal brain.

Our research is translational, from laboratory studies and animal models to clinical studies, epidemiology and intervention trials. I have a large international network of researchers working in the field of preeclampsia that I collaborate with to make use of different methodologies and gather the experts in the field to conduct high quality research.

Illustration of the projects
Included streams in my research group. Our research includes both clinical cohort studies, a pre-clinical pipeline of in vivo and in vitro models, randomized controlled treatment trials and epidemiological studies.

Academic background

I completed my PhD in October 2017 at Uppsala University which investigated the role of cerebral biomarkers in preeclampsia. I spent a 2-year postdoc fellowship, initiating the Preeclampsia Obstetric Adverse Events (PROVE) –Biobank – together with a local South African researcher Prof Cluver at Stellenbosch University in South Africa between 2017-2019. I am also appointed extraordinary associate professor at Stellenbosch University.

In August 2019, I moved to Gothenburg to establish my own research group at Sahlgrenska Academy, aiming for an associate professor position that I obtained in May 2021. In 2022, I received a large national grant to initiate a treatment trial for early onset preeclampsia, “PI4”. This trial will start in 2023 and is a continuation of our work in South Africa where my research group has shown that treatment with metformin has the potential to prolong pregnancy in early onset disease.

Ongoing and recently completed projects

Detailed descriptions and publications can be found at


Most recent publications

  1. Thorgeirsdóttir L, Lindén K, Bergman L, Sengpiel V, Nyman V, Elden H. The experience of being a partner to a childbearing woman whose pregnancy is complicated by pre-eclampsia: A Swedish qualitative study. Sexual & Reproductive Healthcare 2023.
  2. Bartho LA, Kandel M, Walker SP, Cluver CA, Hastie R, Bergman L, Pritchard N, Cannon P, Nguyen TV, Wong GP, MacDonald TM, Keenan E, Hannan NJ, Tong S, Kaitu'u-Lino TJ. Circulating chemerin is elevated in women with preeclampsia. Endocrinology 2023.

Current funding

Wallenberg Center for Molecular and Translational Research (2023-2026)

Swedish Research Council (2023-2027)

Project-bound PhD position (2022-2026)

ALF-project funds (2022-2025)

Vetenskapsrådet (2021-2024)

Vetenskapsrådet (2021-2024 )

Simon’s foundation (2021-2024)

STINT (2020-2023)


Associate professor at the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Institute for clinical sciences, Sahlgrenska Academy, University of Gothenburg

Extraordinary associate professor at the Department of obstetrics and gynecology, Stellenbosch University

Department of women’s and children’s health, Uppsala University

Senior consultant in obstetrics and gynecology, Sahlgrenska University hospital, Västra Götaland Region

Wallenberg Center for Molecular and Translational Medicine

Member of executive committee of CoLab

Member of the working group in FIGO for the impact of pregnancy on longterm health

Head of the Swedish Working group for Preeclampsia

Head of internationalization at the Medical program, University of Gothenburg