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Lina Bergman

About Lina Bergman

Lina Bergman is part of PROMISE a Centre for Perinatal Medicine and Health (CPMH) at the University of Gothenburg - Promoting health for pregnant women and children

Below is a short list of projects she is part of and partly responsible for:

1 Projects: Improving Maternal, Pregnancy and Child outcomes, “IMPACT” Link to the IMPACT study Researchers: From GU: Lina Bergman, Ylva Carlsson, Bo Jacobsson. From outside GU: Anna Karin Wikström (Uppsala University), Anders Larsson (Uppsala University), Peter Conner (Karolinska Institute), Peter Lindgren (Karolinska Institute), Anna Sandström (Karolinska Institute), Stefan Hansson (Lund University) 2 Projects: Understanding organ complications to preeclampsia – PROVE, GO PROVE and ICE. An international collaboration between Sweden, South Africa, Australia, US, Netherlands and Chile. Link to the Preeclampsiarearsh Researchers: From GU: Lina Bergman, Verena Sengpiel, Teresia Svanvik, Helen Elden, Karolina Lindén, Sven Egron Thörn, Ove Karlsson, Jonatan Oras, Isabella Björkman Burtscher, PhD students from GU: Lilja Thorgeirsdottir, Malin Andersson, Karl Bergman From outside GU: Catherine Cluver (Stellenbosch University), David Hall (Stellenbosch University), Eduard Langenegger (Stellenbosch University), Philip Herbst (Stellenbosch University) Roxanne Hastie (Melbourne University), Stephen Tong (Melbourne University), Teelkien van Veen (Groningen University), Annet Aukes (Groningen University), Carlos Escudero (Universidad Bio Bio), Michael Belfort (Baylor College of Medicine) PhD students from outside GU: Therese Friis (Uppsala University), Lloyd Joubert (Stellenbosch University) For more information, see CV below which also contains a publication list