Diver in eelgrass meadow.
Diver collecting samples from an eelgrass meadow.
Photo: Marlene Jahnke

Integrating seascape ecology and ecosystem services of eelgrass meadows for marine spatial management

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Department of Marine Sciences

Short description

Eelgrass (Zostera marina) meadows are key habitats in coastal ecosystems that provide a range of ecosystem services. However, they are rapidly declining and in immediate need of management measures. With a multidisciplinary team, this project aims to develop a series of new spatial management tools for protection and restoration of eelgrass meadows.

Research issues

  • Assess connectivity between past and present eelgrass meadows using bio-physical models and population genetic methods.
  • Identify key ecosystem services provided by eelgrass ecosystems.
  • Develop a new model-approach that integrates the connectivity with area-specific values of the ecosystem services, to identify the most valuable eelgrass beds.

Participating researchers

Marlene Jahnke, Department of Marine Sciences
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Per Jonsson, Department of Marine Sciences
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Per-Olav Moksnes, Department of Marine Sciences
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