Svartvit, hamnen i göteborg 1950tal, en kvinna och barn blickar ut över några båtar.

Gothenburg on film in the 20th century: Moving images of a changing city

Research project

Short description

The main purpose of the project is to use the cataloguing, digitalisation, analysis and exhibition of films about Gothenburg as a means to present new and generalisable knowledge about the city’s history, inhabitants and culture for, and together with, the general public, researchers and institutions.

The project is a close collaboration between the Department of Cultural Sciences at the University of Gothenburg, the Museum of Gothenburg, the Regional State Archives in Gothenburg, the Museum of Medical History and Bohuslän Museum, along with the national media archives at the National Library of Sweden, the Swedish Film Institute and Sveriges Television. Funded by the Anna Ahrenberg Foundation and participating parties, amongst others.

Co-financier of the project is Holger och Thyra Lauritzens stiftelse för främjandet av filmhistoriskverksamhet.