Low rising concrete buildings with green and yellow details, photo.
The student residences in Kungshamra were built in 1965-1967. Hard surfaces and raw concrete facades characterise the area.
Photo: Sven Olof Ahlberg

Conservation of historic concrete structures

Research project
Inactive research
Project period
2020 - 2022
Project owner
Department of Conservation

The Swedish National Heritage Board

Short description

In recent years the conservation of concrete structures has become increasingly important. However, the knowledge and skill to do this is deficient. This is largely due to the complexity of the material and the large variation over time, and furthermore the lack of relevant training. The purpose of this project is to produce a handbook for the conservation of concrete based on experiences from the field of practice and collaboration between the various experts needed to both convey knowledge of the material and offer training in the field. The purpose is also to ensure that the constructions of industrial society can be preserved as modern built heritage and resource for society.

Bridge made of concrete, photo.
The new bridge Årstabron in Stockholm was built with pigmented concrete and in an organic form which was a real challenge for the engineers.
Photo: Sven-Olof Ahlberg