Collaboration to organize integration

Research project
Active research
Project period
2017 - 2023
Project owner
School of Public Administration

Short description

The dissertation project aims to understand how ideas of organizing labor market integration for foreign-born persons appear in practice with a focus on different types of collaboration. The project began in 2017 relating to the high influx of refugees in 2014–2015 and the initiatives that later started to support the integration of newly arrived refugees.

The focus of the study is to understand what happens when new initiatives for collaboration emerges and develops with organizational theory as a basis. In the project, three places have been observed over time to explore and deepen the understanding of the process of organizing collaboration when it t emerges with few given conditions,  as well as how, and why, certain concepts are seen as meaningful when organizing integration.  

The project is part of the research program Organizing Integration which is a research program at the University of Gothenburg, School of Business, Economics, and Law.  The program aims to examine the challenges and opportunities created by novel initiatives that aim to support labor market integration of refugees and other immigrants who have been granted residency in Sweden – including the problems of coordination and organization between the plethora of initiatives.


Hanna Hellgren Doctoral Student

Mette Sandoff Supervisor

Andreas Diedrich Assistant Supervisor

Rolf Solli Assistant Supervisor