Photo: Digidem Lab

COLDIGIT – Collective Intelligence through Digital Tools

Research project
Active research
Project size
10 million SEK
Project period
2021 - 2023
Project owner
Gothenburg Research Institute (GRI)

Short description

The overall purpose of the project is to generate new knowledge on innovative digital tools and approaches, in order to understand how they can support governance of complex societal processes in the Nordic region. Case studies are carried out in Gothenburg, Helsinki and Trondheim.
Project leader for the Swedish part: Jenny Stenberg, GRI, University of Gothenburg.
Collaborating countries: Finland (project manager Mikko Rask, Helsinki University), United Kingdom, Sweden, Norway.
Participants in Sweden: Jenny Stenberg & Jaan-Henrik Kain, GRI-GU; Sanna Ghotbi, Digidem Lab.
Local collaboration partners in Sweden: Bostadsbolaget.
Case study area in Sweden: Biskopsgården, Gothenburg.