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Clinical Brain Tumor Research

Research group
Pågående forskning
Project owner
Institute of Neuroscience and Physiology

Short description

Clinical Brain Tumor Research focuses on optimizing diagnosis, treatment and care of patients with various types of brain tumors. We perform interventional, observational and epidemiological studies. We are also involved in translational studies in close collaboration with basic researchers. The overall goals of the Clinical Brain Tumor Group are:

• Stimulate evidence-based research and teaching with focus on brain tumors
• Provide a stimulating scientific environment in clinical neuro-oncology
• Encourage interdisciplinary collaborations with basic scientists within the field
• Improve outcomes in brain tumor patients

Group members

Principal Investigators:

Bertil Rydenhag
Asgeir Jakola
Anja Smits


Malin Blomstrand
Anneli Ozanne

Research assistent:

Anna-Maria Dénes
Tomás Gómez Vecchio

PhD students:

Louise Carstam
Boglarka Fekete
Sandra Ferreyra Vega
Isabelle Rydén
Erik Thurin
Katja Werlenius
Alba Corell
Olivia Näslund
Pernilla Ståhl


Helena Carén