The United Nations fights for freedom
The United Nations fights for freedom

Building Bridges or Lost in Translation? Czechoslovakia, Norway and Poland in Exile, 1939-45

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2015 - ongoing
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Institutionen för historiska studier

National Graduate School of Historical Studies

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My aim is to explore small state foreign policy behaviour in exile, in a wartime coalition, from the vanguard point of a diplomatic history, informed by theoretical foundations of policy-making and by the culturally approached condition of exile. The study of the representations of Czechoslovakia, Norway and Poland in contact should reveal whether shared threats, objectives and physical proximity opened new avenues between nations, encounters of which had been infrequent previously. How were their mutual relationships cultivated, what platforms were available for them physically and mentally, how were they reflected in foreign policies of a particular government? A closer look would help assess the potential of Allied London as a diplomatic node, an arena of interaction, a birthplace of a community of nations set out to mould a new peace.