A group of scientists that are part of the Arctaqua project.

ARCTAQUA - Cross border innovations in Arctic Aquaculture

Research project

Short description

The ARCTAQUA main objective is to promote the development of sustainable aquaculture in the Arctic region. The project addresses bottlenecks in the production of four species, Arctic char, spotted wolffish, European whitefish and nelma, selected for their potential for farming in the Arctic region and high economical value.

ARCTAQUA includes eights partners from Norway (Nord University, Akvatik AS and Sigerfjord AS), Sweden (SLU and University of Gothenburg), Finland (LUKE) and Russian (MSTU and Berg Institute). We will contribute with development of new, sustainable marine ingredients for wolffish feed. These feeds will be evaluated for larvae and juveniles, assessing their effect on health and welfare, growth performance and appetite and nutrient uptake using the Ussing chamber methodology and hormone analyses developed in our lab.