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Alternative Feed Ingredients for Finfish Aquaculture, Sustainable marine raw materials and their implications on fish health and welfare

Research project
Pågående forskning
Project period
2018 - 2023
Project owner

Short description

Aquaculture is the fastest growing food production sector this decade and crucial for supplying the growing human population with food. Today, half the fish we consume originates from aquaculture. Salmonids, like the Atlantic salmon and rainbow trout, are carnivorous and their natural diet consists of other fish. Traditionally, their diets therefore contained high levels of fishmeal and fish oil. These ingredients become increasingly unsustainable and as a result, modern diets include high amounts of plant-based substitutes. However, most substitutes are potential human grade food, often display inferior nutrient profiles, and contain antinutritional factors, which can have negative effects on fish welfare. The my aim is therefor to identify and test novel sustainable feed ingredients to improve feed sustainability and animal welfare.