Algal Blooms Sweden

Research project

Short description

Algal Blooms Sweden is a marine Citizen Science project aiming at engaging the general public to help survey and, ultimately, forecast harmful algal blooms (HABs). The information provided in the form of reports is used in the development of an innovative AI-based prognosis tool for predicting these recurring events. Extensive ocean data for essential variables related to HABs (e.g. nitrogen and phosphorus concentrations), satellite data of bloom formations, weather, sunlight, temperature and chlorophyll concentrations are publicily available, yet information at the local scale is scarce. By involving citizens in this process of data acquisition, we are able to improve our prediction models and it becomes an invaluable resource for transforming the way we do research.

More about the project

An exciting collaboration between Algal Blooms Sweden, Maranics AB and Information Central for the Baltic Proper has resulted in an automated and improved solution for reporting algal blooms. The reports will be used for informing citizens about the algal blooms situation in the Baltic Sea and also to help predict these events in the future, based on an AI tool that Algal Blooms Sweden is developing.

Please click on the link below to get access to the form, where you can fill out all the information about the blooms you spot when you are out in the water this summer!