University of Gothenburg
A pregnant woman and her partner.
7000 pregnant women and their partners participate in studies on pregnancy, parenthood and democracy.
Photo: John Looy, Unsplash.


Expecting a child and becoming a parent is one of the most important events of life. In spite of this, there is a lack of research on how pregnancy and childbirth having an impact in the individual’s view of society. The aim with our research program is to create a profound understanding of how pregnancy, childbirth and early parenthood affect the pregnant woman’s and her partner’s views of society.


There is quite a lot of research on how and why people change their views of society. But so far in the research, pregnancy and childbirth have not been regarded as processes that have political significance. In this project, we are interested in how the individual’s interest in social questions increases or decreases, and how perceptions of and opinions about society change during pregnancy and early parenthood.


The aim is to gather data to provide empirical knowledge and create comprehensive theories to the understudied field of the political-behavioral consequences of individuals caused by pregnancy and childbirth.

There are two overarching questions in this study:

1) To what extent and how is the pregnant woman’s view of society impacted by pregnancy and childbirth?

2) How do effects of pregnancy and childbirth on societal views differ between different individuals?