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Workshop on biofilm research - the latest approach

Following successful workshops in Germany, Switzerland, France and Spain, this workshop in Kristineberg on 11-13th of September will bring together researchers from Europe and beyond to discuss advances in the research on aquatic biofilms in marine and freshwater ecosystems.

The fifth Biofilm workshop has the title "Omic approaches in biofilm research: advances in ecology and ecotoxicology". The overall topic of this workshop will be "omic approaches" in biofilm research, including meta-genomics, -transcriptomics, -proteomics and –metabolomics. Other specific issues that will be covered include various high-throughput sequencing techniques and bioinformatics approaches for data analysis.

Invited speakers will provide a cutting-edge perspective on currently available methods. These new perspectives are revolutionizing our understanding of species interactions and their link with ecosystem functioning and ecosystem services, when faced with different environmental stressors.

The workshop will include lectures, poster presentations and discussion meetings. It will provide an opportunity for professionals and students to be updated on important omic approaches and define the main research priorities in the field for the next few years. The workshop will also continue or initiate collaborations between research groups with the ambition of increasing the impact of research on biofilm ecology and ecotoxicology on a European scale.

Deadline for application was 1st June 2018.