University Board supports that Tjärnö be retained


The University Board has today, on February 21st, decided to task Vice-Chancellor Malin Broberg with ensuring the long-term governance and financing of Gothenburg University's marine research stations. This includes, among other things, the university continuing to be responsible for Tjärnö and initiating dialogue with the Research Institute of Sweden (RISE) regarding the takeover of Kristineberg.

It was in June last year that former Vice-Chancellor Eva Wiberg tasked the Board at Faculty of Science with investigating which of the two research stations, Tjärnö and Kristineberg, that the University of Gothenburg should continue to be responsible for. The reason for this was that the Faculty of Science needs to achieve a balanced budget and therefore cannot continue to run two research stations.

Ingrid Petersson was appointed investigator and at the end of January, she proposed that the research station at Tjärnö should be retained. She cited several reasons for this, including that Tjärnö is larger and has grown in recent years, that it is possible to transfer activities from Kristineberg to Tjärnö, and that the possibility of finding another organization that can run operations are greater for Kristineberg than for Tjärnö. The investigation also pointed out that RISE has expressed interest in potentially taking over the running of operations at Kristineberg.

High Quality at Both Stations

The Faculty Board emphasizes that both research stations are of very high quality. This enables excellent education, research, and collaboration within the marine field.

The Faculty Board has proposed that the university continue to be responsible for Tjärnö and that the university initiate a dialogue with RISE about taking over the running of operations at Kristineberg. The Faculty Board further proposes that the continued work and negotiations be conducted as a project with representatives from marine activities and support in legal matters and negotiations, and that the project take into account the strategic importance of the university continuing to have activities at Kristineberg in the future.

Task to Vice-Chancellor to move forward

The University Board has now decided to task Vice-Chancellor Malin Broberg with moving the process forward in accordance with the external investigation and the Faculty Board´s proposal.

Malin Broberg hopes that the university will now achieve a sustainable solution, and that both Tjärnö and Kristineberg will continue to be viable in this way.

What is the next step in this process?
“I will now assign the dean to move forward in accordance with the University Board's decision. This means that they will appoint a working group and initiate a dialogue with RISE. I will ensure that the support and expertise needed for the work are available," says Malin Broberg.

When is the work expected to be completed?
“The investigator suggests that the ambition should be to reach an agreement by the summer, but it is not possible to say at this time. It is important for all involved that this does not drag on.”

By: Ulrika Lundin