Ståhlberg and Dalin receive MTI2019 grant from Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund


Every year the Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund and MedTech4Health award research grants for development or innovation projects in the area of medical technology innovation for children with cancer. This year only two of these MTI2019 grants were awarded and both of these went to researchers at University of Gothenburg.

One of the MTI2019 grants was awarded to Anders Ståhlberg and Martin Dalin at Sahlgrenska Cancer Center, with Ståhlberg as the main applicant and Dalin as the academic co-applicant. A total of 3 million SEK were awarded these two researchers, 2 million SEK from the Swedish Chilhood Cancer Fund and 1 million SEK from MedTech4Health.

The purpose with the MTI-grant is to generate products or services that contribute to an improved health care and welfare for children with cancer and their families. Projects may address development of new techniques for children with cancer or adaption of existing medical technology for children. The awarded research project for Ståhlberg and Dalin is titled "Ultrasensitive detection of fusion oncogenes in liquid biopsies within childhood cancer".

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