Photo of the participants of the workshop

Research workshop about innovation ecosystems at Jonsered Manor

The 6th Annual Gothenburg U-GOT KIES - Gothenburg Centre on Knowledge-Intensive Innovation Ecosystems - research workshop was held at Jonsered Manor on 23 May 2023. The workshop brought together leading scholars from nine European universities, who are affiliated with the centre, focusing on research presentations, discussion of academia as a career and much informal networking.

On Tuesday 23 May, the 6th Annual Gothenburg U-GOT KIES Workshop took place at Jonsered Manor, on a beautiful location outside of Gothenburg, which is conducive to reflection.

Photo of Jonsered Manor
Jonsered Manor
Photo of researchers outside Jonsered Manor
U-GOT KIES researchers; Astrid Heidemann Lassen, Mark Dodgson, Maureen McKelvey, Elena Raviola

Over 20 researchers, from among others Eindhoven University of Technology, Oxford University, Maynooth University, and Aalborg University participated. 

Mark Dodgson, Emeritus Professor at the University of Queensland Business School and Broman Scholar affiliated with U-GOT KIES said:

- I very much enjoyed attending the 6th annual U-GOT KIES Workshop. I gave a presentation on how research and innovation ecosystems respond to crises, using the cases of the Oxford/AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine and the development of fusion power. I also had the opportunity to meet with some excellent PhD students and early-stage researchers, discussing their research and future careers. The Workshop included interesting presentations and discussions in a friendly and supportive environment.

Presentation at Jonsered Manor

Presentations of ongoing research 

The following four presentations were made of current research projects. Note that most of the presentations are based on papers which are co-authored (not reported here).

Innovation Ecosystems and research in times of crisis
Presenter: Mark Dodgson
This project explores how and why basic research and organizational capabilities are animated in more immediate and pressing ways in times of crisis. By discussing two cases – the development of nuclear fusion power and the Oxford University/AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine, this project further explores how innovation ecosystems strengthen in response to crises and shape the nature and conduct of research.

No organization is an island? An explorative analysis of collaboration patterns in management education
Presenter: Bastian Rake.
The authors investigate the nature and the development of knowledge exchange structures within the management education research community, using social network analysis. Their results require reflections on the nature of university-industry interactions.

Entrepreneuring imaginaries of value: The making of a digital platform for freelance journalists
Presenter: Elena Raviola
The paper addresses a small entrepreneurial venture facing the discontinuities of digital media. The paper brings together and builds upon two streams of literature - entrepreneuring and imaginaries - to shed light both on a diverse range of values. The key focus is upon the very process of imagining and re-imagining these values, which relates to central themes in the entrepreneurship literature. 

Multiple paths towards sustainability: potential routines change for winemakers
Presenter: Nathalie Lazaric
The authors explore the multiplicity of routines needed within existing organizations to move towards for sustainability, using the example of the French wine industry. Faced with new uncertainties around reducing the use of chemical pesticides, viticulturalists and winemakers are engaging in robust action to find local solutions.

Early Career Development and U-GOT KIES Steering Committee meeting

A session after lunch was divided into smaller groups. Chaired by Olof Zaring, the U-GOT KIES Steering Committee met to approve the 2022 annual report as well as discuss the 2023 activities, including the ISS2024, Schumpeter conference that we will be organizing.

In parallel, the centre organized our annual ‘UGOT KIES Research Trajectory Exercise’. We organized small groups of early career scholars (e.g., PhD students and post-doctoral scholars) with very well established scholars, to discuss possible options of research, teaching and career trajectories.


Mark Dodgson, Emeritus Professor at the University of Queensland Business School, Visiting Professor at Imperial College Business School, Executive in Residence, Said Business School, University of Oxford; Broman Scholar at U-GOT KIES, University of Gothenburg.

Bastian Rake, Assistant Professor, Maynooth University; Affiliated Researcher at U-GOT KIES, University of Gothenburg.

Elena Raviola, Torsten and Wanja Söderberg Professor of Design Management. Design Unit, HDK-Valand, Faculty of Fine, Applied and Performing Arts; Member of Steering Committee, at U-GOT KIES, University of Gothenburg.

Nathalie Lazaric, Professor of Economics, CNRS (Centre National de Recherche Scientifique), Université Côte d’Azur Sophia Antipolis; Visiting Professor and Member of Steering Committee, at U-GOT KIES, University of Gothenburg.