Topographical map and floor plan of the area where Konstnärliga is to be built.
Image: Public Art Agency Sweden

New sketch assignment from the Public Art Agency Sweden for Konstnärliga


The Public Art Agency Sweden is now procuring, in collaboration with Akademiska Hus, a sketch assignment for a digital artistic intervention for the Faculty of Fine, Applied and Performing Arts.

The sketch assignment takes place in connection with the ongoing construction of the Artistic Faculty's new building, Konstnärliga. The vision is that Konstnärliga it will strengthen collaborations between the faculty's departments and enable new fusions, artistic expression and social interaction. No other university or college in the Nordic counties will gather as many artistic disciplines in one building. The architect responsible for the design is Tham & Videgård.

The procurement concerns a semi-permanent digital artistic intervention based on the visions of interdisciplinary cooperation, new connections and lowered thresholds. The semi-permanent digital artistic intervention will last until the completion of the new building in 2027. After that, a decision on possible extension may be made.

Akademiska Hus will be a collaborative partner. The advisory group will include representatives of the University of Gothenburg.

A minimum of two and a maximum three artists/artist groups will be awarded a sketch assignment of 80,000 SEK excluding VAT each. Our intention is to award one artist/artist group an implementation contract of 2,000,000 SEK excluding VAT.

Read more and send a declaration of interest on the Public Art Agency Sweden’s website.

Send declaration of interest no later than 2023-05-21.