Lotta Dellve och Micael Björk.
Lotta Dellve and Micael Björk are new Heads of Department as of 1 May.

New Heads at the Department of Sociology and Work Science

On 1 May, Professor Micael Björk took over as new Head of Department at the Department of Sociology and Work Science. At the same time, Professor Lotta Dellve, became new Deputy Head of Department.

– I feel very happy and honoured, but also very respectful of the mission. It's a bit like a relay, you pick up the baton after previous strong performances and you want to do a good job yourself that others can continue, says Micael Björk.

He has a background in historical sociology, but has spent most of his career researching police work. This has included policing related to criminal street gangs and organized crime, but also how the police organize and manage their activities.

In addition to researching management structures, Micael Björk has gained personal experience from roles as a research leader and member of institutional boards, management councils and steering groups. He has also taught and held courses in sociology, criminology and social psychology at all levels.

– Hopefully my long organizational experience from various fields in academia will be useful. I have also been on leave for a few years and have gained a lot from that, most recently was when I worked on developing the research environment around the police training in Borås, he says.

Lotta Dellve is a professor in the multidisciplinary subject of work science and has had a creative academic path in public health science, occupational medicine, healthcare leadership and ergonomics. For the past 20 years, her research has focused on sustainability in leadership and organization. At the same time, she has taught at all levels, mainly in postgraduate education.

Lotta Dellve has experience of management work as unit manager, head of research and project manager, and from management groups and boards at department and faculty level at several universities, in international research networks and research excellence centers.

In her new role, she wants to contribute to the creation of a creative, inclusive and trustworthy academic environment.

- I like the meaning of the terms 'liberating rules' and 'sharing worlds'. For me, it's about ensuring the basic conditions and communicating these with those involved so that they are kept adequate and reasonable. It gives everyone the freedom to work on meaningful things within our assignments – and it facilitates working together for the common good, she says.