Miroslaw Staron has been appointed excellent teacher!


Professor Miroslaw Staron, Pro Dean at the IT Faculty, has been appointed as the first excellent teacher of the year at University of Gothenburg.

Huge congratulations on the award Miroslaw how does it feel?

Professor Miroslaw Staron
Professor Miroslaw Staron
Photo: Johan Wingborg

Higher education pedagogical development has been a long journey for me, but I have always had a great interest in the area! The process towards excellent teacher has been going on for a long time, where I have also developed my own pedagogical methods based on a combination of PBL, Problem Based Learning, and CBL, Case Based Learning.

Thanks to my different assignments as Pro Dean, as member of the Board of Education and the Quality Committee, and the close collaboration with PIL, I have had great opportunities to reflect on which parts of higher education pedagogy that are universal, which are more specific to my own programmes, courses, and students, and what is mainly about individual conditions.

I am of course happy. For me, it feels like a great responsibility to receive the first appointment as an excellent teacher within the Faculty.


Dick Stenmark, Dean of the IT Faculty, comments:

The University of Gothenburg introduced the title excellent teacher a few years ago as a way of recognizing teachers' pedagogical skills, and it is now with great pleasure that I have had the opportunity to appoint the IT Faculty's first internally produced Excellent teacher Miroslaw Staron, professor of Software Engineering at Department of Computer Science and Engineering. The pedagogical experts gave their approval in unison, and so did the internal expert group of the Academic appointments' board after a follow-up interview.

I am really happy on Miroslaw's behalf and hope that his appointment will also inspire other talented teachers at the IT Faculty to test their merits against the criteria developed jointly by the University. The title excellent teacher is a way to further strengthen both your own and our collective educational practice.