Kristina "Snuttan" Sundell
Photo: Malin Arnesson

Kristina “Snuttan” Sundell receives the Faculty of Science’s 2022 Synergy Award


Kristina “Snuttan” Sundell’s commitment to liberal adult educating and sustainable development are deeply engrained in her personality and academic career. She has now been awarded the Faculty of Science’s 2022 Synergy Award for her contributions within community outreach.

How does it feel to receive the 2022 Synergy Award?

“Fantastic and an honour. I have been committed to community outreach ever since my first open house at Zoologen in 1984, when I had just become a doctoral student. My commitment and enthusiasm have not diminished over time. In fact, they have become grown and expanded. Both in the form that community outreach takes and the target groups I’m focused on.

I am also very honoured that, through the award, I join Kerstin Johannesson (award recipient 2020) and Deliang Chen (award recipient 2021). Two incredible colleagues who are both making significant and important differences in society through their community outreach efforts. I hope that my work can also help impact society in the right direction, both when it comes to major global questions and decisions and to important choices by individuals.”

How do you view your achievements in community outreach?

“With joy but also with respect. I really feel that we as a university have a very important role in sharing our research and our knowledge in an understandable way with all of society. Regardless of whether we are working with preschool teachers, fifth graders, fish farmers, the Government Offices or the European Commission, I want to welcome them and engage with them from the very first moment, create dialogue and share my knowledge.”

Kristina Snuttan sundell bjuder på mat från havet
​​​​​"To give answers to the audience's questions and serve them a yummy mussel soup that connects knowledge with a taste experience - it's nothing but pure joy," says Kristina "Snuttan" Sundell.

What challenges do you see with outreach?

“One of the great challenges is still getting academia to realise the value of outreach – and to really support and promote a broader range of outreach activities. The Swedish word for outreach, samverkan, means much more than the classic external activities with the public that might be your first thought when you hear the word. Our research findings and our knowledge can be useful on so many levels and really make a difference in society.”

Award motivation

Kristina "Snuttan" Sundell's solid and long lasting commitment in the field of cooperation permeates her personality and academic career. Kristina regularly participates in scientific events for the public where she organises exhibitions about seafood, holds seminars, holds dialogue meetings with authorities and the business sector and arranges round-table discussions with companies and interest organisations. She meets children and school youth at, for example, Vetenskapsfestivalen, is part of SVT's long-running success Studio natur and has also been part of SVT's Vetenskapens värld. Kristina is also a member of The Royal Swedish Agricultural Academy, which is a great honor and recognition for the aquaculture research she leads as director of SWEMARC. Kristina "Snuttan" Sundell has clearly and with great enthusiasm demonstrated the synergies that arise when research and teaching jointly meet society's needs for public education and sustainable development. She treats people she meets with exceptional commitment, joy and ability to explain her research. Kristina also generously shares her knowledge, enthusiasm and time, is a constant source of ideas and inspiration, a role model for colleagues and a great asset to our organization.

About the Synergy Award

The Synergy Award recognises positive efforts within the Faculty of Science’s community outreach. The award is in the form of a SEK 250,000 grant to the recipient’s department for appreciated and successful community outreach efforts. The Faculty’s 2022 award will be presented on November 17.