Heritage academy publishes an annual letter with seasons greeting's

Heritage Academy Annual Letter 2020


The Heritage Academy within the Centre for Critical Heritage Studies summarizes their activities for 2020 in an annual letter.

– The year 2020 is soon coming to an end and it is a year that will really be remembered, but perhaps not a year filled with cultural heritage that we would like to pass on. But, the stories surrounding this year, so much defined by the Covid-19 pandemic, will certainly end up in archives and museums in various ways and may be described as an inconvenient cultural heritage, says Anita Synnestvedt (coordinator of the Heritage Academy, CCHS).

In this small annual letter, the Heritage Academy wants to give a summary of the activities held time before everything had to be canceled due to the pandemic. We also want to look forward to future activities in 2021 that we hope can be realized.

Please note that the annual letter is in Swedish