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Handels Female Network: "We want to change attitudes"


Josefin Thyberg is chairman of Handels Female Network (HKN). An organization that thinks equality issues are important.

What issues do you pursue? 

“We want to be a link between business and female and non-binary students at the School of Business, Economics and Law. Through our collaboration with the organisation Säkra kvinnor, we have had a great focus on gender equality within companies’ various divisions, where we have discussed how for example the boards of the organisations could be more equal. We have a broad focus on our events and address students from all departments at the School. 

How are these issues important to your organisation? 

“For us, it is important to highlight and inform about what gender equality looks like at different companies and within different work areas, to motivate the students to be part of the transformation. We want to change the attitude towards who possesses competence, and at the same time make visible the factors that lead to skewed distributions in working life.” 

What do you see as the biggest challenges for gender equality in working life? 

“We need to make sure that women dare to look for work in industries characterised by a male-dominated culture. That is one of the most important challenges”.   

Josefin kollar in i kameran med armarna i kors. Klädd i kavaj. Bild tagen på Handelshögskolan,
Josefin Thyberg är ordförande i Handels Kvinnliga Nätverk