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Great interest in internationalization and scientific renewal


The call for applications for visiting the Lovén Centre during 2015 with support from the fund for internationalization closed by the end of January. At total of 48 applications were submitted.

University of Gothenburg offer funding to support internationalization and scientific renewal at the Lovén Centre. The funds have previously been distributed by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, but as of this year, the University of Gothenburg is handling the applications, evaluation and allocation of funds. Out of the 48 applications submitted this year 34 applied for space at Kristineberg, 14 applied for Tjärnö and two projects would like to visit both stations.

Scientists on a jetty with plastic bottles for water samples and other equipment

- There has been a great interest this year, which is really nice, says Niklas Andersson who is handling the the applications. We have several applications form international PhD-courses as well as researchers and PhD-students, both from Sweden and abroad, who sees the Lovén Centre as the perfect place to conduct their study.

The fund has 21 million SEK to distribute over 7 years, and the available funds for 2015 are 3 million SEK.

The applications will now be evaluated, and the first step has been for the technical and administrative staff of the Lovén Centre to examine the feasibility of the projects. The next step is for an international reviewing committee to evaluate the scientific quality of the applications.

- Those who have applied for funds for visiting the Lovén Centre during 2015 can expect a reply in early March, says Niklas Andersson.