Fredrik Svahn
Pedagogiska pristagaren Fredrik Svahn.
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Fredrik Svahn is awarded the IT Faculty Pedagogical Prize


Fredrik Svahn at the Department of Applied IT is awarded the IT Faculty Pedagogical Prize for 2024, after getting four different nominations for the introduction of new AI-based tools in the courses "Technology" and "Methods".

From the nomination text:

”Over the last year, Fredrik has invested an enormous effort into introducing innovative technology into his teaching in the Digital Leadership Master’s Programme (Courses Technology and Methods). The most significant of these has been the integration of generative AI in the learning process. While a lot of university teachers around the globe have been experimenting with these tools, Fredrik’s accomplishments go above and beyond anything else I have seen elsewhere. Fredrik developed four bespoke tools based on OpenAI’s API: 1) CourseGuru – A chatbot helping students navigate course content, requirements, and instructions; 2) TalkTopics – a tool to summarize, assess and visualize student discussions related to seminars in the Canvas Forum; 3) GroupGist – An app that allowed students to recordings of their group discussions, and received a written summary of their discussions and feedback based on the concepts and material related to the assignment of the week; 4) PyPal – a digital assistant helping students to install and configure Python on their computers, and to write their first Python program.”

After a round of interviews and discussions in the review panel, Fredrik Svahn's educational effort was selected as the one that will be awarded the IT Faculty Pedagogical Prize for 2024.


Huge congratulations, Fredrik! How does is feel to receive the IT Faculty Pedagogical Prize?

Really exciting! Integrating AI into teaching was a bit of a challenge, but it turned out well. I hope the award can help demystify this it's not that difficult! You just need to dive in and start experimenting.

IT Faculty Pedagogical Prize, Staff Portal

Information on the IT Faculty Pedagogical Prize and how to nominate is found on the new Staff Portal.

IT Faculty Pedagogical Prize