Erasmus agreement facilitates research exchange between universities

In a bid to foster academic collaboration and exchange, the Department of Applied Information Technology at the University of Gothenburg and the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the University of Siegen have signed an Erasmus agreement. This agreement aims to facilitate exchanges and research visits among Master’s students, researchers, and staff.

The agreement was initiated by Associate Professor Alan Said from the University of Gothenburg and Professor Jöran Beel from the University of Siegen, both active in the field of recommender systems. This spring, two PhD students from the University of Siegen and their supervisor – previously mentioned Professor Jöran Beel – are visiting the division of Informatics at the Department of Applied Information Technology. Funded by Erasmus+, the PhD students will work on an ongoing Vinnova project on automated machine learning for reduced Co2 emissions.

The Erasmus agreement signifies a step forward for cross-border and international collaboration in advancing research and knowledge exchange.