Congratulations Rebekka Wohlrab to the IT Faculty Pedagogical Prize!


Rebekka Wohlrab, Assistant Professor at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, receives the IT Faculty Pedagogical Prize for 2023.

Rebekka Wohlrab
Rebekka Wohlrab, an appreciated teacher in the methodology Agile Software Development.

Rebekka was nominated for the prize by her students in the course Software Development Methodologies which is part of the international BSc programme Software Engineering and Management. The course was designed as an interactive course, in which all lecture material was made available online, so that the students could prepare at their own pace. The in-class sessions were used for discussions, workshops, role-playing exercises, and group activities.

Motivation text:

Rebekka Wohlrab's pedagogical effort is an exemplary combination of an established pedagogical methodology, flipped classroom, of the subject itself, and of the implementation of the methodology. Through the above combination Rebekka got the students to really understand the basics and various applications of the software development methodology "Agile software development"


Hello Rebekka! How do you feel about receiving the IT Faculty Pedagogical Prize?

I am super grateful and honored to have received this award. I'd like to thank the teaching assistants who were a crucial support for the group activities and gave great feedback to the students. The course wouldn't have been as well received without their hard work.

I'm also thankful to the students who nominated me and participated very actively in the course. Such a flipped-classroom course really requires students who are willing to join the discussions, and I enjoyed seeing how active the students were in the course.