CARe-researcher Appointed Vice Chair of the JPIAMR Ethics Council

Christian Munthe, professor of practical philosophy, leader of the CARe interventions theme and PI for CARe's ethics-related research has been appointed to a newly formed ethics council of the Joint Programming Initiative of Antimicrobial Resistance (JPIAMR). He has also been selected to be serve as vice chair on this council.

JPIAMR is a world-leading coordinator of international research related to antimicrobial resistance. The role of the council is to screen and assess research applications to funding programs of JPIAMR.


– The basis for my role in the council is my own and other CARe-researchers' work on ethics and value aspects of AMR, says Christian Munthe. This research has been conducted in close collaboration with economic, environmental, health and political scientists, and has therefore provided a broad competence base for assessing AMR-projects from an ethical standpoint. The CARe model means that we are also linked closely to practitioners and policy making, which further strengthen our ethical analyses to include institutional and pragmatic aspects of importance for implementation and practical impact.


JPIAMR is supported by 28 member states and coordinate global research on AMR, in collaboration with, for instance, the European Commission. The first task of the ethics council will be to assess applications to a recent call on so-called "one-health" interventions to manage AMR.


– This type of interventions consider many different aspects of the AMR challenge, such as healthcare, individual behavior, political and social systems, the natural environment and the use of antimicrobial drugs in animals. Although the basic rationale for managing AMR is itself an ethical stance regarding the need to protect the health of future people, these types of interventions may easily actualise drastic value conflicts and challenging ethical dilemmas. This holds especially in research, where the benefits and risks of the intervention are always uncertain, says Christian Munthe




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