Picture of Barry Costa-Pierce talking in front of a crowd.

Aquaculture scientist Barry Costa-Pierce new honory doctorate


Barry Costa-Pierce, a world leading researcher in sustainable aquaculture and ocean food development, has been appointed an honorary doctorate at the Faculty of Science. Barry Costa-Pierce have been a senior advisor for the trans-disciplinary research center, SWEMARC at the University of Gothenburg, from the start.

Congratulations to the Honorary doctor title!

”Thank you. I’m surprised, thrilled, and very thankful. It is one of the greatest recognitions that anyone could ever recieve. It is especially heart-warming to me as it is recognition by colleagues of contributions made over a long career trying to advance knowledge to the benefit of humanity.”

What is so interesting with marine aquaculture development?

”Marine aquaculture development remains in a pioneering stage. Marine aquaculture is so dynamic, exhilirating, fun; every day there’s something new, something really interesting, or something that needs to change that gets us all charged up. We do have much fun together spending time ”working” in remarkable places regular people only dream about or see in movies.”

Are you still doing research, and if so; what is the topic of your research right now?

”Yes, of course, age is only a number! My current research portfolio is diverse. I am the principal investigator of an intensive recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS) project in the desert of Arabia developing cold and warmwater fish systems; I do research on the restoration of the marine ecosystem of an ancient marine fishpond in Hawai’i; I work on the biology and engineering of seaweed farming systems in the North Atlantic; and I do research on the use of biostimulants for agriculture from aquaculture. And I just finished a work for the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations to complete nine global reviews on many of aquaculture’s top research areas.”

What has been the highlights in your cooperation with the University of Gothenburg in your research?

”The highlight has been assisting in the development of, and teaching for, the Nordic masters programme in the ”Sustainable Production and Utilization of Marine Resources”, led by the University of Gothenburg. My sabbatical was spent at the beautiful Kristineberg station where I interacted with many scientists, students and the university’s partner organizations.”

Anything else you might want to mention?

”I want to express my sincere gratitude to Kristina Snuttan Sundell. Her brilliant insights and tireless energy led to the development of numerous, very impactful opportunities to develop new scientific relationships and to assist many students and Nordic partners.”  

The promotion ceremony takes place on October 20, 2023.