University of Gothenburg

Research team

Our diverse research team consists of researchers from social science and computer science, and who are based in academic institutions in Sweden, Norway, Germany and Canada. Together, we share knowledge and experience from the fields of comparative politics and public opinion, media sociology, survey methodology as well as language technology, natural language processing and machine learning, thereby contributing to the interdisciplinary nature of our research.

Current researchers and institutions:

Mid Sweden University

  • Stefan Dahlberg, Professor at the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences and Research Director for LES
  • Ling-yi Huang, Postdoc at the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences

University of Gothenburg 

  • Sören Holmberg, Senior Professor at the Department of Political Science
  • Sofia Axelsson, Deputy Chief Analyst at the Department of Political Science and Research Coordinator for LES

Research Institutes of Sweden (RISE)

  • Joakim Nivre, Senior Research Scientist
  • Luise Dürlich, Research Scientist

GESIS Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences

  • Dorothée Behr, Senior Researcher at the Department of Survey Design and Methodology

Södertörn University

  • Jonas Andersson Schwarz, Associate Professor at the School of Culture and Education


  • Magnus Sahlgren, Head of Research, Natural Language Understanding
  • Amaru Cuba Gyllensten, Research Scientist, Natural Language Understanding

University of Bergen

  • Jonas Linde, Professor at the Department of Comparative Politics

Previous researchers and research institutions:

Research Institutes of Sweden (RISE)

  • Fredrik Olsson, Senior Research Scientist
  • Ariel Ekgren, Research Scientist

University of Toronto

  • Graeme Hirst, Professor at the Department of Computer Science

The computational team at RISE also work with Master students in computational linguistics or computer science that are interested in project-related topics including but not limited to those of language technology, natural language processing and machine learning.

In 2017, Rebeca Padilla Lopez wrote the MA thesis "Word Frequency as a Predictor of Word Intensity" as a part of her degree at the Department of Linguistics and Philosophy, University of Uppsala.

In 2018, Mohamed Abdalla wrote the MA thesis "Lowering the Cost of Improved Cross-Lingual Sentiment Analysis" as a part of his MA degree at the Department of Computer Science, University of Toronto.

Both theses were written in collaboration with LES and our computational team at RISE. The theses can be found amongst our publications and working papers.

Occasionally, LES takes on research assistants for shorter translation assignments. Approximately 50 international master students based in Sweden have previously taken part in compensated translation tasks within our projects at the Department of Political Science. 

Are you a student with excellent language skills and based in Sweden? In that case, you might be interested in a compensated translation assignment. When we are in need of translators, we publish advertisements on this website.