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Pedagogens byggnader

Pedagogen opening hours summer 2023

House A: weekdays 8am-5pm, other times access with an authorized GU card

House B and C: closed June 19-August 20, access only with authorized GU card

The service center and the library in House A are open all summer.

Summer school runs week 27-31

Have a lovely summer!


Pedagogen House A

Pedagogen House A (Västra Hamngatan 25) is open

Monday-Thursday 07.15–19.00

Friday 07.15- 18.00

Study places, reading rooms and reading studios are open.

The café in house A is open.

Service center

Service center (in the A-building) opening hours please visit servicecenter webb

The Pedagogical Library

Libraries are open Monday - Friday - for opening hours please visit the library webb

Pedagogen House B

House B (Läroverksgatan 15)

Monday-Thursday 07.30–16.30
Friday 07.30–16.00

Study places, reading rooms and reading studios are open.

The café in house B is closed until further notice. 

Pedagogen House C

House C (Läroverksgatan 5)

Monday - Thursday 07.30–16.30
Friday 07.30–16.00

Study places and student areas in house C are open.

map pedagogen
Pedagogen map

Campus Pedagogen

  1. Entrances
  2. Servicecenter Pedagogen
  3. Café in building A
  4. The Education Library
  5. Student service and counselling Dept of Education and Special education (first floor)
    5. Student service (entrance floor)
    5. International Student Office Pedagogen (ISOP) (entrance floor)
  6. The student union
  7. Janitor
  8. a - stairs to/from garage, b - entrance/exit garage
  9. Kjell Härnqvist Auditorium (basement)
  10. Margareta Huitfeldt Auditorium
  11. Printer
  12. Student support, language supervision (room B1 118)

    X. Tram stop - Grönsakstorget

The three buildings are called A , B and C. A classroom or an office can be called e.g. "A1 318". A1 means "building A" on the first floor, and 318 is the number of the room.

Building A ("Hus A")

With the addition in glass, this building holds the administration, Servicecenter, student union, Kjell Härnqvist Auditorium, student service and counselling, café, education library, offices for the teachers and classrooms for the department.

Building B ("Hus B")

Contains classrooms, offices for teachers as well as places to read and a café. The building is built around a five story tall indoor square.

Building C ("Hus C")

Contains the student office, teachers work spaces, classrooms and kitchen, as well as Margareta Huitfeldt Auditorium.

Public transport

Pedagogen is located at Grönsakstorget.
Next trip by bus / tram from/to Grönsakstorget

Information on timetables etc. contact  0771-41 43 00 or see Västtrafik information


There is a parking garage on two levels below Pedagogen Hus B, with 200 parking spots for the public. Entrance and exit are from Sahlgrensgatan and there are stairs to Läroverksgatan.

The garage is open daily between 06:00 and 22:00.

In the lower floor of the parking garage, part of the fortification wall Carolus Dux is shown to the public.