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How the IT Faculty is governed

Below you find information on the boards, councils, and other forums that govern the work at the IT Faculty.

Governing body at the highest level at the Faculty

The Faculty board is responsible for strategic planning, overall management and quality assurance of education and research. A majority of the members of the Faculty board have scientific competence. The board is also a forum for discussion and coordination of the Faculty's activities.

The Dean is chairman of the IT Faculty board and has the overall responsibility for the Faculty level. The Pro Dean is vice chairman.

IT Faculty Board (Staff portal)

Dean's council is mainly an advisory body to the Faculty board. The Dean is chairman.

Dean's council (Staff portal)

The Academic appointments' board prepares errands and proposals regarding appointment of professors, senior lecturers, and associate senior lecturers, as well as applications for promotion. The Academic appointments' board also prepares applications regarding admission as associate professor (oavlönad docent), as well as applications for examination of higher education pedagogical qualifications.

Academic appointment's board (Staff portal)

Dick Stenmark, Dean

Miroslaw Staron, Pro Dean

Jan Ljungberg, Vice Dean, research and doctoral studies

Charlotte Wiberg, Head of Department, Dept of Computer Science and Engineering

Jonas Landgren, Head of Department, Dept of Applied Information Technology

Cecilia Ihse, Head of Administration, Faculty office

Forum for education at bachelor's and master's level

UGAIT prepares issues with relevance for the Faculty's study programmes at bachelor's and master's level. Much of the work is done at a strategic level. UGAIT consists of "viceprefekter för grundutbildningen" from both departments, teacher representatives, study administrators, and student representatives. UGAIT is led by the Pro Dean with support of the Programme Director at the IT Faculty.

UGAIT (Staff Portal)

Forum for education at doctoral level

ITFUB prepares issues concerning the doctoral education at the IT Faculty. ITFUB consists of "viceprefekter för forskarutbildningen" from both departments, study directors or equivalent, and a doctoral student representative. ITFUB is led by the Vice Dean with support of the Programme Director at the IT Faculty.

ITFUB (Staff Portal)

Local Working Environment Committee

The task of the Working Environment Committee is to ensure that the work environment work is carried out in collaboration with the staff, the students and their organizations. The committee's tasks include to participating in planning and monitoring of work environment work and follow up on the development in issues related to health and avoidance of accidents and to work towards satisfactory working environment conditions.

Local Working Environment Committee (Staff Portal)


MBL negotiations

The MBL Act (Medbestämmandelagen) in Sweden regulates collective labor law and aims to promote the right of employees to influence working conditions and how the organization is run. The law says, among other things, that the employer should inform and negotiate with the staff organizations before making decisions on issues that represent a more important change in the business, or for any individual.

MBL (Staff Portal)

Kuggen in winter's light
Kuggen in winter's light.
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