Göteborg Book Fair 2018
Photo: Niklas Maupoix

Göteborg Book Fair

Every year, the University of Gothenburg, together with around 3,000 authors, researchers, politicians and journalists participate in conversations at the Göteborg Book Fair. Next years book fair will be between September 26-29.

University of Gothenburg at the Book Fair

Every year, the University of Gothenburg participates in several of the Book Fair's stages. Universities are also usually represented in the Book Fair's own seminar program.

On site, the university has a stand that is filled with talks and lectures that are connected to the current year's theme at the Book Fair as well as other current topics where our researchers are active.

In 2023, universities were represented in over 80 program items at the Book Fair, in many cases as invited experts but also by arranging program items themselves on various stages around the fair.

Book Fair 2024

Dates for next year's Book Fair are September 26–29. The theme will be Sápmi and Space.

Information about the university's participation in next year's book fair will be presented on the page in the spring of 2024.

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