Göteborg Book Fair 2018
Photo: Niklas Maupoix

Göteborg Book Fair

Every year, the University of Gothenburg, together with around 3,000 authors, researchers, politicians and journalists participate in conversations at the Göteborg Book Fair. Next years book fair will be between September 28 - October 1.During 2023, the university has entered into a cooperation agreement with Folkuniversitet, which is present and represented in the university's stand and contributes with program content.

University of Gothenburg at the Book Fair

This year's book fair has the theme Jewish culture, the city and sound.

Program at the university's exhibition area
The University of Gothenburg has an exhibition area at the Book Fair, which you can find in the B-hall (B07:04). At the exhibition area, there will be daily lectures and talks that are both linked to this year's themes and highlight the university's research areas.

The majority of the program items will be in Swedish.

For the second year in a row, Folkuniversitet is a partner to the university's exhibition area. On site you will find information about Folkuniversitet's operations and could meet their representatives.

Seminar programs and programs on other stages
During the Book Fair, you can also listen to several seminar program items where researchers and lecturers from universities take part.

To take part in the seminar program, you need a seminar card, which you can buy on the Book Fair's website.

On the exhibition floor there are several stages with different orientations. Universities are represented and participate in several of these scenes. If you are interested in listening to researchers from universities, we recommend that you go to Yttrandefrihetsscenen or Forskartorget.

In total, universities are represented in over 50 program points that take place on other stages arranged by other actors.

The university's complete program can be found on the Swedish version of the page about the Book Fair.

Information about opening times and tickets to the book fair.