10 people pull ropes to jointly get a pole in place in the muddy ground. The trees are green and it is blowing in the treetops.
Work in progress in Linnarhult
Photo: Sara Mubiru

Transforming the City for PLAY. CRAFTING PLAY:CE – Time and Place for Youth Participation

Sustainability and environment
Culture and languages

Welcome to the second site-specific seminar in the seminar series arranged by the research platform PLACE. This time we will visit Linnarhult together with researchers Helena Hansson and Elena Raviola. Register to

21 Oct 2021
14:00 - 18:00

HDK-Valand, Eco Agroforestry Center och Business & Design Lab

Case study: Crafting an outdoor cinema/stage in Linnarhult.
Responsible researchers: Helena Hansson and Elena Raviola
Site: Linnarhult. Take the bus Blå Express from Heden towards Gråbo. Stop: Linnarhultsvägen (about 20 min)

Welcome to a two part event:

  1. film about the crafting process and a paneldiscussion, at 14-16
  2. walks, food, performances, and co-crafting activities on and around the crafted stage, at 16-18

Language: English and Swedish mixed

The seminar is part of the research platform PLACE seminar series and is the second of the autumn's three research seminars, which take place outdoors. It is aimed primarily at teachers, researchers and students at the Faculty of Fine, Applied and Performing Arts but is open to anyone interested. It costs nothing to participate, but please register by email to

This seminar is in collaboration with Business & Design Lab and Eco Agroforestry Center (EAC).

More about the Facultys' research platform PLACE, Public Life, Arts and Critical Engagement: