Grafisk design I blått och vitt med texten Testing, Testing, Testing, Etta-tvåa, etta-tvåa

Testing, Testing, Testing. Etta-tvåa, etta-tvåa

Culture and languages

The first-year MFA students in Fine Art are exhibiting at Kulturhuset Bergsjön. The exhibition shows selected examples from recent phases of each artist’s overall project.

11 May 2024 - 26 May 2024
Kulturhuset Bergsjön, Bergsjöns Kulturhusväg 4A

Artists test different processes when developing their art projects. These are phases of experimentation that shape the future of their projects. Artists’ try-outs, generally, remain publicly unseen. Conventional exhibitions tend to focus more on exhibiting “resolved” art works than on giving public access to phases of artists’ experimentation. This exhibition tries to reverse this.

Each artist is developing a long-term project as a type of artistic investigation. This means questioning what we think we know already about a subject, a situation, a problem or phenomenon. Students work with art to position their perspectives on their selected subjects, aiming to reveal new ways for audiences to experience and think about these.

Each individual project unfolds uniquely over time, with decisions punctuating looping phases of development. What will be exhibited here are selected examples from recent phases of each artist’s overall project, showing aspects of their artistic approach to these subjects. These take different forms such as sculptures, video screenings and discussions, live performances and mixed-media installations, proposed interventions to institutional practices, narrativized found-objects, suspended paintings and embroideries, and an essayistic video projection. They are distributed across different spaces at Kulturhuset Bergsjön, and some at different times. Several projects have been developed via workshops with communities from Bergsjön and users of Kulturhuset Bergsjön.

Some of the topics explored in the exhibition are: interplay between grassroots organisation, institutional practices and migration politics in Bergsjön, queer deaths, burial rites and care, gender politics and romantic relationships with cis-men and young women’s resistance to gender inequality and conservative policies

Vernissage: Saturday 11 May, at 11.00-18.00

Exhibiting artists: Marie Bergqvist, Irma Beširević, Julia Florentzi, Rikke Bogetoft Jensen, Sebastian Lavin, Kinga Molińska, Jakob Niedziela, Vanja Qvarfordt, Bubbles Taboo, Maxine Victor and Shunda Wan.

The exhibition is free and open for all

Read more about the exhibition in the document below.