"Rugged Terrain / Confident Stride" Graduation Show, BFA Fine Arts

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Graduating students from the BFA Programme in Fine Arts exhibit at Konstepidemin.

23 Apr 2022 - 15 May 2022

The graduating students in the Bachelor's Programme in Fine Art exhibit 15 individual works of art at Galleri Konstepidemin. The title "Rugged Terrain / Confident Stride" stresses the challenges of getting an education during the pandemic.

The works of art deal with various concepts such as artistic quality, the relation of digitalisation to identity, contemporary utopias and street art's play with aesthetics.

The corona pandemic changed the conditions for higher education in Arts: distance learning, digital solutions covering for exhibitions that could not be carried out and virtually gazing at material best seen in real life. This graduating class has been affected by the pandemic during all three years of education, something that has affected how they have been shaped as artists. The exhibition is a unique opportunity to see how the artists of the future has been shaped by the challenging time of the pandemic.

Exhibiting students

Gabriel Barria Colliander
Lisa Broms,
Erik Ernsäter,
Marie Florin,
Anna Holmberg,
Noah Holtegaard,
Sally Karlsson,
Ti Karlsson,
Linnéa M. F. Larsson,
Lisa Liljeström,
Joseph Linderoth,
Viggo Mattsson,
Yrsa Petersson,
Emelié Sterner,
Caroline Uggla

Official opening April 23, at 12.00-16.00

Performance: Kvalitetstid
By: Emelie Sterner
Time: 14.30
Place: Galleriet, Konstepidemin

Salong Ormen. K
Get your nails done at Salong Ormen. K.
Time: 13.00-14.00
Place: Glasrummet, Konstepidemin

Opening hours

For info see Konstepidemin's website

Open program – public talks

26-28 april at 16.00-19.00 there will be open talks between students and invited artists. the talks are in Swedish. See Swedish site for more info.

Follow the students at Instagram

April 18-24 you can follow the students during their preparations of the exhibition and the opening at Instagram @hdk_valand.

On the Bachelor's programme in Fine Art at HDK-Valand