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Public Defense: Nathalie S. Fari

Culture and languages

Nathalie S. Fari is a doctoral student in Performance Practices and defends her thesis on Situated Agencies: Mediating places through the body.


Academy of Music and Drama

Zoom link HERE if you cannot participate in person
Passcode: 003181

Situated Agencies: Mediating places through the body

Nathalie S. Fari, performance practices, Academy of Music and Drama

Situated Agencies: Mediating places through the Body examines how site-specific performance practice can be addressed through an embodied and documentary approach. Drawing from place-based research, performance documentation and posthumanism, this PhD project has carried out a series of performance laboratories in collaboration with artist researchers at two specific places: Götaplatsen in Gothenburg and ”Praça Mauá” in Rio de Janeiro. At the core of these laboratories, was to explore the relationship between embodiment and audiovisuality, especially by experimenting with how the audiovisual traces of a laboratory work can serve both as data and a creative source for developing screen performance as research.


Susan Kozel, Professor of Philosophy, Dance and Media Technologies in the School of Art and Communication (K3), Malmö University

Examining committee

Barbara Büscher, Professor of Media Theory, Media History and Intermediality at the University of Music and Theatre "Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy" in Leipzig

Elisabeth Brun, Honorary Professor at The School of Arts, Design and Media, Kristiania University College, Oslo

Monica Sand, artist and researcher affiliated to the Academy of Music and Drama, Göteborg