Poster for the event
Photo: Cecilia Grönberg

MOMENT 3: Photography and film in the service of Science

Culture and languages

The symposium MOMENT 3: Photography and film in the service of science presents a range of examples of how the use of lens media in the study of nature, man and society is linked to notions of camera objectivity and aesthetic expression.

23 Nov 2023
12:30 - 18:50
Naturhistoriska museet, Museivägen 10, Göteborg

Good to know
The symposium is in Swedish
HDK-Valand, Hasselblad Foundation, GPS400: Centre for Collaborative Visual Research, and during this seminare Naturhistoriska museet i Göteborg

The photographic and filmic examples are drawn from zoology, geology, botany, medicine and anthropology. The presentations include both scientific and artistic perspectives and methods, giving the subject a multifaceted approach.

In the middle of World War II, Victor Hasselblad was commissioned by the air force to design a reconnaissance camera. Recognising the potential of the camera, he developed the model right after the war and launched the first Hasselblad for civilian use in New York in 1947.

It was a success, and more than twenty years later a customised Hasselblad camera was used in the first manned moon landing in 1969. The basis for the endeavour was Victor Hasselblad's interest in photographing birds, but also his interest in technology and science. The example shows the camera's links to the military, and the role and importance of lens media for visualisation in different sciences and research fields.


12.30–13.15 Tour of the exhibition With an eye on nature: birds, fossils and photographs
Louise Wolthers och Stefan Jensen

13.20–13.30 Greetings and welcome
Mats Jönsson, Louise Wolters och Niclas Östlind

13.30–14.00 "Unseen, unheard and unimagined": on nature photography as science and sport
Cecilia Strandroth

14.10–15.10 "Favourable soil for suggestive influence": The use of Swedish cultural-historical film 1945-1955.
Mats Jönsson och Erik Florin Persson

15.10–15.30 Coffee and sandwich break

15.30–16.00 Functions and relationships of films - from consumer films to source material and cultural heritage 
Lisa Sputnes Mouwitz

16.10–17.10 About developing | time
Cecilia Grönberg

17.20–17.50 The Atlantic rainforest - insights and perspectives 
Åsa Krüger och Stina Weststrand

18.00–18.15 A T C G
Karl-Magnus Johansson

18.20–18.50 The photo book in the service of popular science: a selection of books that widened the public's view of man, nature and the world
Andréas Hagström och Niclas Östlind