Fire in the harbour
Photo: Arne Svensson

MOMENT 2: Amateurs - a curatorial exploration of lens media evidence and aesthetics

Culture and languages

Welcome to a seminar based on an ongoing archive exhibition of photographs by two amateur photographers in Gothenburg.


Erik Florin Persson, Stockholms universitet (ENGINEER)
Marie Hellervik, Göteborgs Stadsmuseum (COLLECTION)
Karl-Magnus Johansson, Riksarkivet (ARCHIVE)
Mats Jönsson, Göteborgs universitet (CONCEPT)
Pascal Prosek, HDK-Valand (MEDIATION)
Liv Stoltz, Göteborgs konsthall (CONVERSATION)
Nicals Östlind, HDK-Valand (PHOTOGRAPHY)

Amateur is a category that has always been present in photography and film. Over the years, the status of the amateur has undergone changes that can be explained by both technical and social factors. On the basis of the ongoing exhibition Axel and Arne Svensson: Two Generations of Gothenburg Images 1898-1960, which highlights the image archives of two amateur photographers, we invite you to a seminar that in varying ways relates the concept of amateur in relation to lens media cultures.


MOMENT is a series of investigations into lens media evidence and aesthetics in Sweden 1939-1969. The moments are focused on carefully selected phenomena, objects and events that contribute to a deeper understanding and new perspectives on how the use of film and photography is characterised by notions of objectivity and specific aesthetic expressions. The investigations take the form of symposia, site-specific presentations and experimental publications. Moment series is a collaboration between HDK-Valand, GPS400, the Hasselblad Foundation and is carried out in cooperation with other actors, including the National Archives and FG2.