Gothenburg's film culture - research on memories of cinema's heyday

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Post-war youth culture was permeated by film. Despite the strong presence of film culture in everyday life, it is rarely represented in cultural heritage institutions and memorial archives. Knowledge of cinema history and of experiences of going to the cinema is also lacking in academic contexts. With Gothenburg as a starting point, two researchers in film studies talk about studies on 1950s and 1960s cinemas and audiences. By giving a voice to the film audience, their research contributes to nuance established film history and expand the understanding of our cultural heritage.

11 Apr 2024
14:15 - 16:00

Good to know
You will find the room by entering the main entrance of the Humanist. The room is on the third floor.
GPS400: Centre for collaborative visual research and the Department of Cultural Sciences


  • Åsa Jernudd is associate professor in media and communication studies with focus on film culture in a historical perspective. Her doctoral thesis (2007) studies how film was introduced in a medium-sized city in Sweden (Örebro), and the social and cultural contexts of film screening during the early days of cinema. After her thesis, Jernudd has continued to investigate historical contexts and practices for public screening of films in Swedish cinemas as well as audiences’ experiences and memories of going to the cinema – investigating film as event, practice, memory and cultural heritage. Jernudd is a member of the board and editorial board of the Association of Media History Archives, of the Swedish Film Institute's Council for Screening and Distribution ,and of the National Association of Cinemas' Committee for Cinema Development. She is also one of the coordinators of the international research organization HoMER-network (History of Moviegoing, Exhibition and Reception).
  • Kim Khavar Fahlstedt is assistant lecturer in media and communication studies at Örebro University. His research interests include the cultural history of film, transcultural phenomena and nature on film. Fahlstedt received his doctorate in film studies at Stockholm University and has since worked at Yale University and Uppsala University. His first monograph, Chinatown Film Culture, was published by Rutgers University Press in 2020. His latest book, Oland - Sweden's Forgotten Hollywood Star, will be published in April 2024.