Critical Realism for a Marxist Sociology of Education

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The research groups KRIT (IPS) and KRUF (IPDD) together with USK invited Grant Banfield from the University of South Australia to discuss the intersection between critical realism and Marxist educational sociology. The seminar follows up previous discussions in the groups, but anyone who is interested in critical realism and what such an approach can mean for critical pedagogical research is welcome. As a reading base, Grant's book Critical Realism for a Marxist Sociology of Education is recommended, but also the texts mentioned in the invitation below.

1 Feb 2022
09:00 - 11:00

During the seminar, we will be visited by Dr. Grant Banfield from the Centre for Research in Educational and Social Inclusion at the University of South Australia. Grant will introduce us to his 2016 book Critical Realism for a Marxist Sociology of Education, and together we will discuss the relation between Critical Realism and Marxism and more generally what a Critical Realist approach brings to critical social research. The seminar is open to anyone that is interested in these themes. To prepare, you can look at Grant's book in advance, and also (where relevant to you) check out the following articles:

Banfield, G. (Forthcoming) ‘Critical Realism’ in A. Maisuria (ed.) Encyclopaedia of Marxism and Education. Leiden: Brill.

Banfield, G. (2020) ‘Essence’ in S. Themelis (ed.) Critical Reflections on the Language of Neoliberalism in Education: Dangerous Words and Discourses of Possibility.

Banfield, G. (2020) 'Critical Realism for Ethnography’ in G. W. Noblit (ed.) The Oxford Encyclopedia of Qualitative Research Methods in Education. Oxford: Oxford University Press. DIO: 10.1093/acref/9780190643751.001.0001



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The session will be in English. Most welcome!

KRIT, KRUF and the Sociology of Education Collegium