På en mörk scen sitter en pianist och en gitarrist och spelar tillsammans.
Photo: Natalie Greppi

Close Encounters

Culture and languages

The first year students in improvisation present a collection of duo concerts where they have chosen a partner from any art form and genre: instrumentalists, singers, dancers, poets or computer artists. A concert experience as unpredictable as it is appreciated.

3 May 2023
4 May 2023
18:00 - 21:00
18:00 - 21:00
Eklandagatan 86, room 2150
75 kr.

Academy of Music and Drama

Wednesday 3 May

Nora van de Boel, vocals
Manfred Josefsson, drums
Together they explore the interplay between drums and vocals in their own compositions where tempo and rhythmic change are in focus.

Thomas Mathiassen, bass and pedals
Julia Bengtsson, violin and pedals
The duo will start with traditional folk songs and improvise around the tonality of these. With the help of their effect pedals, the Swedish melancholy becomes stronger than ever.

Willam Wingbro, guitar
Molly Göransson, vocals
The duet under the name WIMO will perform their own compositions that breathe nostalgia, melancholy and love. A "blast from the past" that evokes your strongest memories.

Thursday 4 May

Ivar Forsén, saxophone
Christian Hüls, movement and voice
Together, they will perform an improvised performance. With absolutely no prior arrangements, they don't even know what will happen on stage.

Albin Svensson, drums
Sanne Sommer, dance
Albin and Sanne will improvise together completely freely, within strict limits and everything in between.

William Hector Friman, drums
Sebastian Falk, hurdy-gurdy
A meeting between two extremes: crank and stroke. A meeting between folk music and improvisation.

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