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Three persons sit on the floor facing the camera
Photo: Mireille Rosas

Alike Unlike? Twelve Echoes

Culture and languages

Two shows by the company SpinnUnga and the theatre collective Konstra. The two companies are made up of members who dance and create theatre art both with and without functional disabilities. The music in the shows is written by students from the Composition programmes and performed by music students concentrating in improvisation.

25 Oct 2021
18:00 - 19:30
Sjöströmsalen, Academy of Music and Drama

Academy of Music and Drama

In Alike Unlike? Part 1: Melancholy and Expectation, the audience is introduced to the theatre collective Konstra, which uses creative exploration between stage and film to examine issues of identity. From the jellyfish of the sea comes a tale of the Me and the We, a story of the fear of standing out and of the power in every individual’s unique expression.

Twelve Echoes is a dance piece created by the company SpinnUnga. The twelve echoes are mere hairs blown by the wind, and they are strong as superheroes. The dancers appear side-by-side on stage, regardless of functional capacity, dancing together because everyone can and should try to create opportunities together. They form a single fragile-powerful body, bending resistance to opportunity in a world in which a virus creates something that is both delicate and forceful. With hope in our hearts, hope in our bodies, we all become equally valuable.