University of Gothenburg

Collegium for Inclusion, Equality and Special Education (ILS)

The aim of the Collegium for Inclusion, Equality and Special Education is to be an active forum for knowledge exchange attended by scientists, educators and other professionals interested in inclusive and special education.

About the collegium

The Collegium hosts seminars in which inclusive and special education research, theory and practice are debated and recent developments and activities in the field are presented and discussed. The Collegium contributes to strengthening expertise and collaboration in research and scholarship concerning all aspects of inclusive and special education. Members involved in the Collegium inquire into inclusive and special needs education at various levels of the education system.

The Collegium's seminars are open to all in and outside the university and the department. We regularly invite presentations from researchers, scholars and practitioners from other universities in and outside Sweden, as well as from researchers in our own institution.

No events are currently published.