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About us

The Department of Conservation is engaged in education and research focusing on cultural heritage issues, landscapes and cultural environments, buildings, gardens, cultural heritage objects and interiors. We have 65 employees that work as teachers, researchers, and administrative staff. Each year we educate around 600 students. The department, which is a part of the Faculty of Science, is located both in Gothenburg and Mariestad.

One department, two sites

In Gothenburg, the department's employees are situated in the building Natrium on Medicinaregatan 21. That is also where you find our lecture halls and course labs. In Gothenburg, we educate conservators of cultural heritage objects and conservators/restorers in built environments, on bachelor and master levels

In Mariestad, the department's employees are located on level three in the main building at Magasinsgatan 4. On the same floor, you find the Craft Laboratory, a national centre for crafts that is hosted by the department. In Mariestad, students at our bachelor craft programmes are taught in our carpentry, timber building yard, garden, and greenhouse. Our library is located on the entrance level of the main building.

Collaboration and outreach

Dialogue and collaboration with other departments, in both education and research, are important prerequisites for developing conservation/kulturvård as a subject and professional knowledge with depth and breadth. The Department of Conservation collaborates with several departments at the University of Gothenburg, other universities and many other actors outside the universities, such as the Swedish National Heritage Board, the National Property Board and the Church of Sweden.

The Craft Laboratory

The Craft Laboratory is a national centre for crafts and a part of the Department of Conservation. The Craft Laboratory promotes, transfers, safeguards, and develops traditional craft skills in the fields of building crafts, cultural landscapes, and gardening crafts. The centre initiates projects and carries out activities in cooperation with public agencies and professional organisations and enterprises.

The Craft Laboratory website

Alumni network

Welcome to join the University´s alumni network! Your experiences from both studies and from your professional life are valuable for both us and for those interested in our courses and programmes. The alumni network at the University of Gothenburg allows you to maintain and broaden your social and professional contacts, and stay updated on research and education.

If you are interested in arranging guest lectures or finding students for internships at your workplace you are welcome to contact the department.