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About Torsten Hild

Torsten Hild was trained as interior architect at HDK Valand in Gotheburg and had his master's degree in 1994, Master of fine art. He started an employment immediately after graduation at Lund & Valentin design, an interior architect company in Gothenburg. During his employment he got his basic experience from practising his developed skills and knowledge from the education. He developed an interest for methodology and after setting up his own firm in 1996, 2hild he started formulating a new working process for the interior architect within the building industry. Based on his former training in design methodology combined with knowledge and skills from an even earlier training in journalism he worked out a concept close to other based on client participatory processes. The new method was successful and 2007 the library of Gislaved was appointed "library of the year" in Sweden, a project designed by Torsten Hild in collaboration with Nils Gulin. 2008 he was granted Guldstolen for the best interior architecture of the year. Winning project was P O Medica, office, conference facility, work shop and storage facility for a company in the medical industry (brain surgery). His specialisations within the trade is methodology, inclusive interiors, accessability for impaired, cultural environments, office planning, exhibition design, etc.

During his career Torsten Hild has been active in the discussion, debate and development of the interior architect's role in the building industry and in society. He's been active in the professional union SIR as chairman of the board of the west department, member of the board of the national office, chairman of the board of the academy of interior architects within Sweden Architects (former SIR), Swedish representative of the European Council of Interior Architects (ECIA). He has written books and numerous articles on interior architecture and design in national and international magazines, and 2023 he published, "Inredningsarkitektur - ämnet och yrket" on Svenska Byggtjänst Förlag. This is a contribution to his profession, presenting a concise introduction to the subject and the profession.

He started teaching early in his career, but it wasn't until 2016 when he was employed as professor in furniture design at HDK Valand Campus Steneby that he picked up on pedagogy in a more intentional way. Through basic training at the department of pedagogy and experience from teaching he has focused on the practical works' importance in the learning process.

Since 2022 he has occasionally been hired to participate as an expert in lawsuits on design related matters as intellectual property rights.