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Mohsen Mirkhalaf


Department of
Visiting address
Origovägen 6 b
41296 Göteborg
Postal address
41296 Göteborg

About Mohsen Mirkhalaf

 Motivated by increased awareness of environmental issues, considerable developments of bio-composite materials have been made during the last decade. By substituting less sustainable materials, the increased use of bio-composites may reduce the environmental impact from the products where they are used. One challenge in introducing these materials in high-performance applications is the lack of predictive models. These materials possess heterogeneous hierarchical micro-structures, and that’s why Mohsen is interested in developing multi-scale models (where micro-structural parameters are considered) for predicting the mechanical response of (bio-)composites. Despite great potentials of different multi-scale modelling approaches, it is not always straightforward to develop and use these methods for (bio-)composites. As an example, it is not always easy to generate numerical Representative Volume Elements (RVEs). Also, running multi-scale models are typically computationally expensive specially if coupled (macro-micro) simulations are needed to be conducted. As a remedy to these challenges, Machine Learning techniques might be used to increase the efficiency and applicability of multi-scale models. Mohsen is interested in these techniques (e.g. Neural Networks) since they have been successfully applied to broad areas of computer engineering (e.g. language processing), but their potentials are not yet fully investigated in multi-scale mechanics.