Maria Solevid

Senior Lecturer

Department of Political
Visiting address
Sprängkullsgatan 19
41123 Göteborg
Room number
Postal address
Box 711
40530 Göteborg

About Maria Solevid


I'm Associate Professor in political science and Assistant head of department with responsibility for education at the Department of political science. I primarily conduct research within the Swedish National Election Studies Program and I am also a member of Gothenburg Research Group on Elections, Public Opinion, and Political Behavior (GEPOP).

I was awarded my Ph.D. in political science in 2009 from University of Gothenburg on a doctoral thesis titled “Voices from the Welfare State. Dissatisfaction and Political Action in Sweden”.

Areas of interest

My primary fields of interest include political behavior, voter behavior, public opinion and political psychology. My research focuses among other things on electoral and non-electoral political participation, political trust, generalized trust. I have a general interest in how the context that surrounds an individual, such as family, networks and neighboorhod, influences political behavior and attitudes. I'm also interested in the issue of political inequality in political participation, how political participation varies across generations, and in survey methodology.

Current research

My main research is carried out within the within the Swedish National Election Studies Program. I'm currently leading a project on perceptions of electoral integrity among Swedish voter in the Swedish General Election 2022. Through my affiliation with Center for Ageing and Health, AgeCap, I'm studing how capability and we'll-being is associated with political participation among older people. Finally, I also do work on how the neighborhood context affects variation in social trust among inhabitants in Göteborg.

I have previously worked in the project "The politics of anxiety" where we investigated why there are differences in levels of anxiety between men and women and what the consequences of anxiety on political behavior are. As a follow-up to this project, we have also studied how gender identity is associated with political attitudes.

Within my work as a principal investigator at the SOM Institute, I headed the SOM survey to expartriated Swedes in 2014 and the local SOM survey in Gothenburg 2016/17. Within these projects, I have studied political participation among expatriated Swedes and local political behavior in Gothenburg.

Teaching and tutoring

I primarily teach within the master program in political science. Since 2007, I’m the course coordinator of the master's course ”Applied Statistical Analysis” (SF2321). I’m member of the thesis examiner committee on the BA and MA level in political science. I also work as advisor of BA and MA theses within my fields of interest.

I regularly hold external presentations on topics such as Swedish voter behavior, voter turnout and local democracy.