Madelaine Miller

Programme Coordinator

Linguistics and Theory of Science
Visiting address
Renströmsgatan 6
41255 Göteborg
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Postal address
Box 200
40530 Göteborg

About Madelaine Miller

My doctoral thesis, finished in 2007, dealt with changes in burial practices at Knossos in Bronze Crete Age with special reference to the warrior graves. In the time that followed I have worked as a lecturer and researcher, in the main with the early periods in the Eastern Mediterranean: the Aegean, Egypt and Mesopotamia as well as with classical Greece and Rome.

My research interests concern materiality, material culture, socio-political structures, identity, interactions and cultural encounters during the Aegean Bronze Age. In addition, I am interested in maritime history in a long-term perspective and questions regarding maritime cultures, folklore, symbolism and rituals. Together with colleagues I have initiated, coordinated and run two maritime networks; one interdisciplinary network at the Department of Historical studies and one that focused on ancient port cities in the Mediterranean.

In my current position as Education Coordinator, I will – alongside with Tobias Pettersson – administrate the first and second cycle education at the Department.

  • Areas of responsibility
  • Linguistics
  • Master’s Program for Communication Officers in the Public Sector
  • Master’s Programme in Language Technology
  • Bachelor’s Programme in Liberal Arts